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Somebody bout to get knocked
The fucked out tonight man
You better tell your boy somethin'
You better tell him somethin'

Skip through the blueprint one bang this what's mentioned
Bleek you're one hit away but he didn't know the game was pitchin'
Balls faster than roger clemens nigga you're too big for your bitches
Two gold albums and i'll make you a hitter

Might make you a little richer but don't forget the big picture
All of those make you a fag but money like little richard
Take your faggot ass picture put it next to gulliany
Run you for your roc-a-wear fit and beat you with the tommy

Drag your ass down to alby square
Call beans, jay, freeway, biggs, dame i'll be there
Compton behind me ask nas queens is with me
You ain't never sold crack in your life i'm takin' your fiends with me

My guns smoke like robert downey
Two shots and a pound he got a room in kings county
And you might live or sit in a box
Dependin' on how long it nypd to respond to the shot

Memph bleek, memph bleek, memph bleek
Memph bleek, memph bleek, memph bleek

See what the problem is too much east coast dick lickin'
And everybody tryin' to do their best 2pac rendition
Listen they wonder how i live with 5 shots
Niggaz is hard to kill on my block

When you was in the streets comin' of age
I was in the streets pumpin' the gauge
While you was rappin' i was makin' it happen
On the block with a k

While you was with the roc on the stage
I had rocks on the stage
On headliner for the front page we know that you front
You be on sunset doin' what? gettin' your punk ass stunt

You gon respect us or that fo' rippin' through the vests
And you know who you are deaf nigga'll get the message
Malik or m e m p h bleek
Fuck around and be a b i t c h sleek
'cuz all that yappin' dude will get guns clappin' dude
And stop memphis from rappin' dude, huh

Memph bleek, memph bleek, memph bleek
Memph bleek, memph bleek, memph bleek

It took me a little while but i am now understandin'
Jay fucked up in the first round when he picked olo with candy
Did olo in the second, nigga take it from me
The roc get knocked off the bounce till you picked up beans

Add freeway to the team but move the ugly bitch
Trade the marcy reject for cam'ron and lil' chris
Now the squad 5 is live 6 man is neef
Fans in the stand yellin' out fuck memphis bleek

You want beef i have your body parts all over new york
Leg in jersey arm in brooklyn head buried in central park
You can't even borrow from new york no more like john storch
And i ain't talkin' to him i'm talkin' to malik

And i got a pine box for a nigga like you
Streets is talkin' how many real niggaz like you
Hit lax remember when you come to the coast
Niggaz don't play with they lives when it comes to the toast

Memph bleek, memph bleek, memph bleek
Memph bleek, memph bleek, memph bleek

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