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Date de parution : 11/06/1991

Durée : 0:04:38

Style : Pop

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My ladies, please come closer
My name is random tox
I have the great honor and pleasure
To present to you turnex, the son of durex
The blender for the next millennium

This is a revolution for your kitchen
Smashed potatoes, sliced tomatoes
Apple juice, blueberry, raspberry
Cherries and peaches in a fraction of a second

Turnex, the son of durex
The only blender which can be turned
Into the most powerful vacuum cleaner

Blenders for sale and i am selling to girls
They always know who i am, what i do
She gave me no wink, just a smile of her hips
And a sip of my glass and let's go

She looked in my eyes
No need for this ride
She's a queen
She's pristine and a slave

With a smile of her hips
She was changing my life
We are heading downtown in her car
Her ride is too smooth, no line for a stop
My blenders are flying too far

She looked in my eyes
No mate for this ride
She's christine
She's sixteen, i'm her slave

She is calling me jake
She keeps me awake
Oh, boy, i was ready to go

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