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Bless my soul, (im back in the game)
Give your heart out to me, (i suffered but how did i tackle the pain)
Bless my soul, (i took it on the chest like a soldier)
Set me free, (and used competition to practice my aim, blawww)
Bless my heart, (as i set pace up this rocky path)
Let it beat again, (i ask of you lord)
Bless my soul, (give me the tunnel vision i need)
Til the end (the vision i need to see the light at the end of the tunnel,
Coz once i tie my lace and set off i aint looking back bless me)

Verse 1:

(bless my soul) im giving to the game all i got,
Blood, sweat, tears, so a man is never taking my spot,
Too much sacrifice,
Been near death, they dont wana bring me back to life (bless my soul),
Ive stolen, ive robbed and sold things
That made mum cry b, ive never been perfect,
Bobbing on the road for gold bling,
Ive been around the globe, ive been coast to coasting, please (bless my soul),
Stand firm when theyre pushing me over,
Still the greatest, im feeling like im good to be hova,
On the playlist theyre pulling me, pulling me,
Over, over, over, mimicking me wouldnt be kosher (bless my soul)
Coz i flow so nice b, youre boog and a joker,
So much drama i see, how a crook can be sober?
Fuck a fake friend b im good as a loner,
To the big time i couldnt be closer so


Bless my soul,
Give your heart out to me,
Bless my soul,
Set me free,
Bless my heart,
Let it beat again,
Bless my soul,
Til the end

Verse 2:

(bless my soul) im past perfected,
I been in the cut, intact like a plaster kept it,
From the outside looking, at a glance i necked it,
My lifes good but the other halfs neglected,
Last i checked, i took a hearty step,
Was on my grind living on a kamikaze flex,
Youre never sleeping on me like a narcoleptic,
Coz i grafted, repped it (bless my soul),
Yeah smiler, another supreme,
I done dirt so i guess i need a brush and a clean,
I seen close shaves, chicks swinging both ways
And took chances that could fuck all my dreams up, (bless my soul)
Outsides real so i buckle my jeans,
I had war turn my smooth, to a rugged demeanor,
Im simply the best like youre fucking with tina,
Real life, not the shit thats up on the screen.. ah?


Give your heart out to me, (coz i mean well i swear)
Bless my soul, (im one of the good ones lord)
Set me free, (a striver, look at what i took on board)
Bless my heart, (coz it stayed in the right place despite sins)
Let it beat again, (my people first above all things)
Bless my soul, (you know i promise to serve thee)
Til the end. (on top of the that, i promise im worthy
Smiler the portfolio)

Verse 3:

Man im really involved in bringing these flows, to mainstream,
Deliverys cold, you mimic me? no, the riddles be so
Prolific and bold, the kidll be so
Paid, when they gage all of my lyrics and flows,
Os, eights, whole cakes, hold weight, joes paid,
At the tip of his toes the whole game, its a farce since joe came,
White mans world but im black like soul train,
Already they see, the pedigree b, the kettles are flee,
The credibilitys me, ahead of his scene, the breh, the machine,
Never been a regular g,
The workrates only gona just propeller me clean,
Thank god, ive never been sent bin,
I been on my knees repenting for never-ending
Regrets i hold, excited bout the roads that im yet to stroll,
Im hoping you, (bless my soul)


Bless my soul,
Give your heart out to me,
Bless my soul,
Set me free,
Bless my heart,
Let it beat again,
Bless my soul,
Til the end.

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