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Brooklyn Bridge

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Date de parution : 01/08/2011

Durée : 0:03:2

Style : Rock

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Blessed is the rain that falls on me
As far as that girl can see aha aha
The earth that i walk upon is heavenly
Blessed is the love i bring to her
And knowing what it means to her
In the eyes of that girl
I am everything to her
But what happens
When the statue on the pedestal
Comes crumbling to the ground
I don't wanna be around
To see the sorrow on her face
When she thinks i let her down
And what happens
When she finds the world is real
And not the fairyland she thinks it is
That i'm a man who lives and breathes
And makes mistakes and not a
Superman she dreamed
Blessed is the strength she finds in me
And the weakness she'll never see
I'll go before the image falls apart
And blessed is the way i'll always
Stay in her heart
Oh, blessed is the way i'll always
Stay in her heart

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