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Barbra Streisand

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Fanny & chorus
smooth the sofa, plump the pillows
dump the ashtrays, oh this dress
look at me i am shaking all over,
shaking all over
i'm a mess
waiting wondering what i'll be thinking
when he comes walking through that door

what'll come walking through that door
a man i never saw in my life before
i am so nervous
i got a blind date waiting to call on me (any minute now)
i got a blind date what am i gonna see (any minute now)
right over there's the doorway, he will be walking through
will he be six foot eight or maybe four foot two (it could happen)

i got a blind date waiting to come around (any minute now)
oy but i'm nervous listen to my heart pound
why do i need this headache, single is not a crime
i got a blind date
an with my luck he'll be on time

i got a girlfriend shirley, who says why not (she's an idiot)
this guy is a friend from a friend of a friend she got (hello, how do you do
what an idiot)
one thing i know is shirley ain't sitting on no shelf
if he was such a vow she'd keep him for herself (it's only natural)
she says she is he's nice and he deals in stocks (sounds good, but she's an
i'll bet a buck he looks like month-old lox (also and idiot)
what do i need from shirley her and her fifty cup
i got a blind date and i'm praying he stands me up

wait wait, what am i praying he stands me up, i'll stand him up. i smell a rat
anyway. umm. i'm gonna hide under the bed, he'll never see me, he'll walk in and look
around, i wouldn't be there, he'll go away and that's the end of that.
now you keep quiet, not a word you hear
you didn't see a thing
oeps there he is!
now quiet everybody sssh quiet!

blind date: rosalie?!
rosalie: oi, oi, oi
blind date: rosalie?! that's odd she doesn't seem to be here
rosalie: smart, smart!
blind date: i've been stood up, it's news
rosalie: well it's better than put down
blind date: this has never happened before
rosalie: what and ego!
blind date: rosalie?!
rosalie: sh, sh, sh!
rosalie: it worked, it worked!
he never saw me. boy am i lucky i didn't see him neither,
but i can just imagine what a lox that one was.

rosalie: i got it right her shirley was playing tricks
voice: no, no, that's wrong, you got it wrong
rosalie: wait, wait, what that's not right?
voice: no, he was gorgeous he looked like rudolph
rosalie: rudolph who?
voice: rudolph valentino
rosalie: get away
voice: yeah, the sheik from arabia
rosalie: not the phantom from the opera?
voice: uh, uh
rosalie: the sheik from where?
voice: the sheik from arabia
rosalie: get away
voice: that's right
rosalie: wait a minute is this person kidding me around here?
voice: no, no absolutely
rosalie: get away
rosalie: well that's what happened i let him get away

what do i'll do now maybe become a nun (that's impossible)
i'm calling shirley maybe she'll bring a gun
please shirley, even if he's lon chaney fat, bald or short or tall
having a blind date is better than having
no date, at no time with no one at all.
wait a minute maybe i spoke too soon
shirley get me out of here!
oh this one is cute.

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