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Gross Paul

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Gray socks and black shoes, black hair and eyes so true
A smile like a cool wind blowing through lips that kiss like a fool
These are the memories i have of you
No, these are the gifts i took from you
Your skin is so close to mine that it seems to know my name
And your laugh -- well, let's just say
Something wicked this way came
And in this old hotel my heart pounds like a drum
It beats with the rhythm of missing you
This is the rhythm of missing you
Take a look at the blind man, the fool ain't got no cane
The blind man he's dancing in the driving rain
Well, i am that blind man and i can finally see
What i've always known: you belong to me
There ain't nothing wrong with this hotel that a big bomb couldn't fix
My doorman he's a reprobate and the maid she's been turning tricks
And in my broken sleep i wake up from some pain
My heart drifts through the window
And sails into the rain
Oh lord, i miss you, i miss you here in the dark
This comes from nashville, baby
It's a call from a wounded heart
And if i want this heart of mine to ever mend
I guess i'm gonna have to find you again
Yeah, i'll have to find you again

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