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Crying underwater
Breathing in in outer space
Putting faith into something
That could never take place
Would you give every shard
Of my heart back to me?
Would you comb through the wreckage
'fore it slides to the sea?

I've been searching for answers
I've been workin' on a cure
I've been a slow-song dancer
To a rhythm that ain't pure
I will come around tomorrow
And forget yesterday
I will bleed out the sorrow
That you put in me today

'cause i'm goin' blind
I'm goin' blind
I'm goin' blind

Was a child when i met you
Running wild as can be
Maybe someday i forget you
Guess it wasn't meant to be
I will come to a decision
I will take what is mine
I trust in my visions
But i will not trust my eyes

'cause i'm goin' blind
I'm goin' blind
I'm goin' blind

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