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(verse 1)

You bring your face to mine
Your anger wells inside
You speak your wasted mind
And mine is wasting
You drag me deep inside
The depths of wide decline
And i could not prepare
For the fall


You're frozen uncertain empty inside
I've fallen so deep i can't see the light


I'm bleeding my hands are cold
Someone save me
I've trusted what i can't see
But everyone is blind

(verse 2)

It took me so long to break the chains of time
Servant freedom comes from the inside
They could not see you tearing apart everything
Such a small one you wanted love

(pre-chorus 2)

Dilated frustrated you can't get out
My fingers keep shaking it's all in vain



I was born for this i swear strengthen me
This is the part where i break down on my knees
Maybe the words have lost their shape but i need you
To paint the picture i can't see for
We are blind
Can't you see


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