Paroles de Bling blang

Elizabeth Mitchell

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Date de parution : 10/07/2012

Durée : 0:01:58

Style : Children's Music

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You get a hammer and i'll get a nail;
You catch a bird and i'll catch a snail;
You bring a board and i'll bring a saw,
And we'll build a house for the ba-by-o

Bling blang, ham-mer with my ham-mer,
Zingo zango cutting with my saw.

I'll grab some mud and you grab some clay
So when it rains it won't wash away.
We'll build a house that'll be so strong,
The winds will sing my baby a song.


Run bring rocks and i'll bring bricks.
A nice pretty house we'll build and fix.
We'll jump inside when the cold wind blows
And kiss our pretty little baby-o.


You bring a ladder and i'll get a box.
Build our house out of bricks and blocks.
When the snowbird flies and the honeybee comes,
We'll feed our baby on honey in the comb.


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