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Tribal State

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Verses 1-2

Bliss is boring
(bliss in second place)
Like your kiss in the morning
(every second that i had to waste)
And now my life lies before me
(i see, i see)
And my eyes are bleeding

Dreams now denied
(dreams now going to waste)
As i blink it passes by
(automatic change of fate)
And now im living in a lie
(i breathe i breathe)
And my thoughts are peeling
(consider this, consider this)

Chorus 1

Consider now to fucking stand.

Chorus 2

Consider now to fucking stand
Stand your ground
Surrounded by sound
Of your own believes and your creation
And i know
To know yourself
Scream out loud
Give yourself considerationlike now


I think its about time
We try and speak our minds
About the things were too scared to press on
Its time to take the blame
And then well play the game
With a little bit of love and some aggression
Bring the enemies down
Unto the permanent ground
Gather around
Im gonna light you on fire
Lets all face our fears
Evaporate our tears
Because its in the way of us
Moving on.


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