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Lil Wayne

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We bloods down south, guns in ya mouth
Eat deez fuckin bullets & shit dem bitches out
Im talkin blood nigga shit, menace what it do
Keep a red bitch, call her damu
Im sayin su-woop to da hive, you know wat im bangin bout
Pistol in my sock, if i run i blow an ankle out
I body deez beats, body bag in the booth
Red flag around da rear view mirror in the coupe
Oops! i meant the boupe, im smoking on a snoop
And dey know my group, more bloods than da loop
Blood im too high, imma have to stoop
And if you think you fly imma shoot ya parachute
Hat to the right, flag to the same side
Weezy f. baby and da f is for flames five
No homo big b's nigga, blood gang homie
Bleed nigga!

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