Paroles de Blood of a diary

Calico System

pochette album Blood of a diary
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Date de parution : 01/04/2008

Durée : 0:03:44

Style : Heavy Metal

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Day starts to bleed from my pen everything
Leaves not a voice not a choice, anything
Light never felt your sick skin rest of on me
Fails to include hardships felt constantly

Just maybe in heaven you'll hear me
If i could rip my throat out

Take impossible choices made masquerade
Lies be the food feel the same, take the toll

This is all i have to give before i fail you
What else did you want to take from me

Take from me, never had a chance to say what i
Take from me, never had a chance to say

Blood of a diary
Blood of a diary
Have you heard your loved ones say you fail me

(all my loved ones, they all fail me)

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