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Death will arise from the altar
Piece by piece you fall
Feel the disgrace

It penetrates into your skin
The suffering will arise
I laugh when all the gods die

Dead down in a wooden coffin
Mutilated organs in blood
Sons of the evil baphomet
Rot in the light of the sun

I carve through your eyes
You are bleeding from inside
Tearing apart your soul
Insanity and disgrace grows

Blood paints the sky
Shiver as they cry
I'm loosing my morbid mind
I live like i died

Pray for them who have given their
Immortal souls unto satan
For each is damned to relive that
Wretched life through all times

Left to bleed, you can't see
Can't you feel the pain so deep?
Touching your flesh, caressing it gently
Crawling on the ground
Your common sense is bound

Crying corroded tears
Praying for the other side
See the evil in my eyes
Take my hand and follow me to paradise

Blood oh help me heal my skin
Excruciated illusions live within
Falling apart with your sins
Morbidity lives, i will win

I let your organs decay
Die the inhuman way
Hacking your bleeding limbs
The dark side of life arise

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