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Date de parution : 03/06/1997

Durée : 0:04:11

Style : Heavy Metal

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Another body emptied from soul
Engulfed by my infernal breath
Blood lust over me i'm losing control
Condemned to suffer you'll rest
As you follow me into infinity
The sweet serenity is broken
By the angels weep and there will be
Bloodshed - godshed
My soul has turned to black
Nothing exists now but pain
I shall no return
Dead i will remain
And you'll follow me into my lechery
Bloodshed - godshed
I must be bloodfed - bloodborn
Another body bleeds from its soul
Victim for my infernal need
I'm in control, your blood in me
Condemned to suffer my insanity
And you shall lead me into obscurity
Bloodshed, godshed
I want to see you dead

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