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Benatar Pat

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Now just because you're pretty, and you think you're mighty wise
You tell me that you love me then you wore those big brown eyes
When i saw you last week, your eyes were turning black
You'll find that guy that beat you up, ask him to take you back
Don't roll those bloodshot eyes at me, i can tell you've been out on the spree
Well it's plain that you're lyin' when you say that you will be cryin'
Don't roll those bloodshot eyes at me
I used to spend my money to make you look real sweet
I wanted to be proud of you when we walk down the street
Now don't ask me to dress you up in a satin fan and silk
Your eyes look like two cherries in a glass of buttermilk
So i guess a little romance has finally set me down
You should join the circus, you make a real good clown
Your eyes look like a row now, i'm scared to smell your breath
You better shut your peabones before you bleed to death
Don't roll those bloodshot eyes at me

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