Paroles de Bloodshot

Jordan White

pochette album Bloodshot
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Date de parution : 04/07/2012

Durée : 0:05:25

Style : Pop

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$200 jeans, you can't afford her gasoline
Maybe someone, somewhere can tell me what that means
If your blood is boiling over again i guess you'll never learn
That all the bridges that we cross become the bridges that we burn

And the specials on the house tonight
So you can just have mine
You know she crawled inside my soul
And that's more than just a sign
They push me past doorways -
Where i could have walked on through
But it takes so much to run from you

But if my eyes are
I'm not -
On my way home
You'll see -
It won't be
Me lying in this bedroom
And if you've got -
One thing left to say
That pretty, pretty girl
She's just one drink away

I shoulda been a cowboy on my way out west
With cowboy boots and cowboy hats and a cowboy vest
I'd get a gold rush fever of one-hundred and three
And let some ghost town haunt what's left of me


Are you giving in or up
In your car -
Cause i'm dropping down i'm burning out
Just like a falling star -
To rock the earth
That's what you are

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