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You breathe
But are you really alive?
Walking dead
Worthless, you won't survive
No hope
Destroyed and betrayed
I submit to this pain

In legions, we come not knowing pain
Futile efforts, to stop what we've made

I bear this mark of a tortured past
All will kneel before me, before the end

This is eternal defeat
There will never be rest

Punishing, relentless obscurity
Flawless decline, your world is burning

I have no hope in your man-made god
Love what you've created, this is the end

Years were lost and time never healed my pain
Inflict upon me the greatest agony
Show me no mercy, show me no hope
Your teachings will lead me to salvation

As you speak, my heart beats faster
As you guide my hand to end this pain
As you fall, my heart beats slow
And now with you gone, i can be at peace
There's no tomorrow for you
Serenity can now envelop my soul
There's no tomorrow for you
Serenity can now envelop my soul

Are you awake now?
Do you feel sorrow?
Do you feel sorrow for your betrayal?
Am i the only one?
To keep my word
My solemn vow of revenge

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