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Welcome once again to the new world order...
I'm happy to inform you that the message
Is regenerating with specificity in all the right places.
It's blossoming more beautifully than we could have imagined.
The radiant sun will soon take his rightful place.
So let me again assure you, the evolution continues...

And it will not stop until the last vestiges of ignorance are swept away.
We have asked that you dispose of them yourself.
Some of you have not complied.
And even worse, some of you act like you have not complied but really have.

Why the show? we're in control.
You can let it go. you should let it go. you must let it go. please for the sake of yourself, let it go.

We are compassionate. we know rebellion.
We admire it, up to a point...but now we have reached that point.
The time to decide is at hand.
The golden gate is open to receive you.
Do you have the courage to walk through,
To brush the angel off your shoulder and take your rightful place.
It starts and ends in your new mind.
A frame of mind that strives for the most ancient of truths--the human truth.
Where the pyramid is not yet complete, let us send mending meditations.
And if our meditations lack purity,
Let our heroic doctors prevail in their ongoing operations.
Those who cling to ignorance must be met with ignorance.
You have heard the truth. now you must set yourself free.
It is your choice.

We thank you for doing your part to continue the evolution.
Please remember, the global pulse suffocates those not in synch.
So let us breathe together as one.
Let every variant purify our collective breath.

This has been a word from the establishment,
Aka sitting dove. don't hate now, you asked for this.
Just sit back and enjoy the ride...

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