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Alain Clark

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Date de parution : 03/04/2009

Durée : 0:03:04

Style : Pop

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Help me people now, help me get the feeling back.
Got to get the spirit of the old days.
Where a song would get you to sing along and
Move you in a ballistic way.

Cause it seems these days that people with soul
Are locked out at a closed door.
That our music is just for business.
But i've heard it before!

I need someone to push my button.
Blow me away.
Get done to the bone of me.
Blow me away.
I need a new kind of something.
To blow me away.
Blow me away.

There's a cure y'all of that i'm sure.
It's just a matter of expressing ourselves.
Get the horns out.
I bet that ain't been done by anyone else.

See it ain't no thing but don't you get me wrong.
This ain't about talking folk down.
Is it just my dream that people with a vision.
Start making some sound!

(chorus 2x)

Hopes ad dreams of joy and pleasure.
All through the beat of a song.
Now there's an old way to do it.
A new way to put it.
A groove if you let it.
Will get you straight at it.
The sound and the rhythm.
You got to start feeling the love, love, love?

Hey baby
Get on and blow me away.
I said i need a new kinda something?
To blow me away.

Now blow me away.

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