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Lil Wayne

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Juelz: yeah dipset
Wayne: yeah
Juelz: fuck wit ya boy
Juelz: it's santana
Wayne: yeah
Juelz: yeah man i'm back at it
Juelz: come on

Crimes, gangsters, niggas and bitches
I'm back on my "a" game is you gettin the picture
What up
And last album they don't like me to tell this
They undershipped my record they aint spect me to sell shit
Shut up
Thats what they tellin me
Switch up your melody
You hot but you dont pop your recordll be sellin three
Fuck off
I aint no damn puppet
Ima do what i wanna do just as long as my fans love it
And if that can't cut it
Fuck it
Drop me, watch me
Blow up on another label i'm cocky
You better realize pa
Im a real live star
Ask your kids if they feel my bars
They'll tell you
Hell yea
Ask him is he just runnin his mouth or
Is really the one to look out for
He'll tell you
Hell yea
Yea he's the one to look out for
He's not just runnin his mouth yall
He'll tell you
No way
Nuh uh
I've been hotter than you dudes
To me this shit is easier than tyin my two shoes
You young cats sound old and retired
Like your flows on a diet
You aint feeding the people right
It's like food when i rap
They get full when i rap
Like slick rick said the ruler is back

8 am open my eyes
Yea kick my bitch tell her open the blinds and im
Over the stove at 9
I'm cooking breakfast for the block, then i let her cook mine
Quick line in the bathroom 'fore we bounce
Not me i mean her she go a day a ounce damn
Yall pray for her
While im at the bus station in the bentley sittin low as i wait for ya
Im gettin dough i'm a baker
Boy i will take ya
For the right paper
Boy i will take her
Take her
Tape her
Waist up
Send her to the money she be back before i wake up
Ha get your cake up
Yall niggas lamed ducks
Should probly get your game up when i'm giving this dame up
My name wayne what
Hot boy flame up
You niggas tryin to change up when i'm getting my change up

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