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(hook)see i been messin wit lil mama bout 4 weeks now man she got me feelin like i'm weak now she driving me crazy(crazy) i wanna make her my baby but i can't cause i can't buy the car without a test drive she got me feelin like a child being chest tized and i don't mean to rush and i know it's just love she got bout to bust now

I'm tired of talkin on the phone, i'm sick of conversation, i'm coming to ya crib and you already know what it is shut up, shut up now, shut up gone and take ya damn clothes off cause im about to blow that back, blow that back out, blow that back out (aaaa) you know im bout to blow ya back out(ok) blow ya back out, blow ya back out(4sho) im just trying to blow that back out, blow that back out, blow that back out(aaaaa) you know im trying to blow ya back out(ok) blow ya back out(ok), blow ya back out(4sho)
(verse 1)
What's happenin, what's the business i can't beleive i did this a whole month no sex i keep it real no plex all im sayin is what's next don't take it out of complex play doctor let me check wanna play construction let me wreck baby hole up just a second you told me you feel neglected so im trying get ya naked to see if ya boy can help it dont take it as disrespecting but bump n grind is a blessing (a boy you can spend the night or something,baby i was just joking) well i was just checking is it wrong to wanting to fuck use ya fingers to warm u up having my dick all in ya guts while im gripping grabbing ya but skirthiking with no hut nails digging ya love cut so tell me that i can bless it till i taste be4 i touch

(verse 2)
Let the music come to you later r.kelly make sex greater and jodeci will make her notice but right now it's time for business hate to say this but(shut up) im really sorry but(shut up) cause i been having good behavior but it's time i should cut up now that's what i like to hear while im nibbling on ya ear clean sex cause it's dripping with shawt and tip play by my rules and baby just inhale and if ya shave where my tounge roll like a good year im probally gone exspose what you hide up under ya clothes let's get freaky open up that thang right up under ya nose my dick wants to equainted with what's inbetween ya thighs and girl we way past cake it like pie so hi!!


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