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If this was a game, i already know that i would know i would come out winner.
& im not braggin' ima be in her, but this bitch really think that im bout to buy her dinner.
My steak good. i got a good cut like spinter. juicy & hot such a black bitch temper.
Now she wana talk & chop it up like a blender but i dont give a fuck or even listen like shindler.
She's cute but her foreheads big. got stretch marks like she got 4 kids.
Her legs cant close like the 4 door hinge bronco that oj kill the white hoes with.
A wealthy white girl without the face lift, loure her with expensive dinners &d a nice bracelet,
Leave the bitch breathless. but what the bitch dont really know is that ima motherfucking sell out &d a rapist.

(chorus) baby your an angel, how bout we turn this into a fable of somesort? you already know your dead, ironic cause your lipsticks red of course. i stuff you in the trunk, drunk, cause all i really wanna do is fuck you snort blooooowww (blow)

If this was a game, i woulb be considered a motherfucking legend.
&d a aint trynna gas you like chevron, but im hot fuck bitch you really need to get on my leverage.
Now we're in the cabin, in the middle off (uhhh ?) trynna find ways to really stuff you in my cabinet.
Dreamy little bastard, i done ran outta luck so now its time for a bloody foot you little rabbit.
Your very attractive, &d notice that my hat is always the color of cactus. (&d i hang w. wolves) cause im an evil bastard.
Pictures of you on my wall no glue no tape but just cum, plastered.
Met you at my school, departed at my house, ended at cha panties, started at cha blouse.
Push you downstairs i took a nap up on the couch.(snore noises) if you wanted a date dont come. now you gotta make it easy for you dont run.
You call this shit kids well i call these kids cum &d you call this shit rape but i think that rape's fun.
Wait, now its about 8 somthin'. its late &d you stuck down in my base one. come downstairs w. nothing but a shoe string, yeah bitch this dates done.


I like my girls how i like my drugs. lord your so pretty, laying in my arms.
I just got one request, stop breathing ?

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