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Uuh living good shorty,
Every day a holiday for me,
Heavy pockets like i am from the bank,
But i just spit shit,
I'm following my niggas,
Proud nigga where you at dogg,
I got myself a challenge in this game,
These niggas wont quit until i rub it in their faces,
Damn whore,
What you shake that ass for?
Mama calm me down,
I ain't ready for it,
These niggas thought i'm young,
But i'm blowing money fast now,
Lj nigga a.k.a undisputed,
I'm coming right to your face nigga,
Hated for what i do best,
Mpumi where the hell are you baby girl,
It's hot here,
These nigga goin' take advantage,
And throw me their fucken bad bitches at me,
It's just a short clip i made it for y'all haters,
I'm living good chilling with my niggas,
Smoking a lot of weed that will make you niggas say damn these niggas got it under control.
I'm fucken winning,
And hell yeah i made it,
Shorty calm me down for ever peace.

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