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Date de parution : 10/11/2014

Durée : 0:05:27

Style : Electronic

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In the blackened waters of conceit
I saw my silhouette, pale and bleached
All thin outlines and no shape
Dash the surface for the self to show displays of a shadow i should know
Unless you dare find me, there's no faith

Continue the line i draw
Filling the missing mark
Without you, you
I am who?
Build me up on rising tide
Lift me up and make me soar
Out of the blue, blue
I'll be new

Hear this banter, bringing soars
Against the current, change the course
When i land aside, give me pace
Owning up to each letter i spell
Rewrite the story that i now tell
Come let's run, from the chase


Across the endless blue
Seeking the truth, i guarantee
Reflect to black and white, i shine
I'll make it, you decide

Continue the line i draw
Filling the missing mark

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