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Jay Brannan

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Date de parution : 15/07/2014

Durée : 0:04:

Style : Singer/Songwriter

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Blue-haired lady kneeling by her bed
Trying to recite all the things daddy taught her jesus said
Blue-haired lady squints into the sun
Distant voices calling her, maybe from the light comes one:

"you served your husband well
Saved all your kids from hell
Built from a house a home
What say you before you roam?"

"well, i walked the straight & narrow
Kept my eyes on the sparrow
I loved, i lost, i tried, i lead, i followed, fell, but forged ahead
My time is drawing near
And i'm strangely free of fear
Release me from this flesh & bone
But don't let me die alone
Don't let me die alone"

Blue-haired lady beginning to arrange
Paths & plots & closing thoughts, on shifting sands & winds of change
All these people speaking loud & slow
Seeing spots from old snapshots, the clouds fly low in san francisco

"momma who should have your ring?"
"do what you want with everything
All these things have little worth
This could be my last day on earth"

Don't let me die alone
Don't let me die alone

Blue-haired lady dying in her bed
Songs & tears impounding her, fingers clenched & scriptures read
Dear old woman gives into the pain
Feels the love surrounding her but gathers the strength to explain

"i trained you up how you should go
Loved you hard, it's clear you know
But let the songs & wailing cease
Children let me die in peace"

Just let me die alone
Just let me die alone
Please let me die alone
Just let me die alone

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