Paroles de Blue light, red light (someone's there)

Harry Connick, Jr.

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I live in a tiny closet
A lukewarm cold water flat
With room for a couple of cinders
A mouse, a hole, and a trap
I don't worry about the flights
Or count the stairs
'cause i know
Someone's there

I took a high paying sweeping-up job
Dusting after somebody else
Seeing that there's clean on the windows
Convincing the snow to melt
I don't worry about the ride
Or the subway fare
'cause i know

Someone's there

One day we'll move uptown
Or even out to the country side
And for every leaf on a tree
We'll add one cub to the pride

Who cares if the floor ain't level
Or if the ceiling falls in
Haunted by the devil
And ghosts and boogeymen
I can't be concerned
Why should i care
No place i'd go alone would compare
'cause i know
You're there

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