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Mazzy Star

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Date de parution : 27/09/1993

Durée : 0:05:1

Style : Rock

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There's a blue light, in my best friend's room
There's a blue light, in his eyes
There's a blue light, yeah,
I want to see it, shine

There's a ship, that sails by my window
There's a ship that sails on by,
There's a world under it
I think i see it,
Sailing away

I think it's sailing,
Miles crashing me by

Crashing me by,
Crashing me by

There's a world ,
Outside my doorstep
Flames over, everyone's heart
Don't you see them shining,
I want to hear them
Beating for me

I think i hear them
Waves crashing me by,
Crashing me by,
Crashing me by

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