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A.tone Da Priest

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Date de parution : 22/10/2012

Durée : 0:03:26

Style : Rock

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I dont understand you; youre right over my head
Been underneath your spell despite all signs pointing to red
Ive been led astray, in what seemed the right direction
Your pain is my security, this hurt is my protection
I thrive on this depression; im sobered by your drugs
Bring me back to earth; rivers become tears in place of blood
I hate your love, but where to free i cant escape
Its like the closer we become the further i get from the break
Fake hope, real faith, in a future for our past
Mass insanity repeats itself, all i wants for it to last
Oh the stone has been cast, into an ocean no expression
Yea i know, i know but i cant stop guessing
Youre just a blue sky, that goes right over my head (4x)
(verse 2)
Blue skies, true eyes
Covered in lies, i quit because i try
I fall because i fly, trying to get on your lever
I need to know it all, but why should i meddle
Devil so heavenly demands stress and disillusion
Im in ruins, a masochist, abuse is retribution
No evolution, you stay the same its so complex
Time flies with no effect, its gone nothing kept
Fallen dreams are all swept away into forever
While im stuck right here, tryna predict the weather
I can never get about it, its too deep heart felt
Oh you got me feeling blue one with you sky im stealth

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