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Johnny Cash

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Date de parution : 01/01/1998

Durée : 0:02:03

Style : Country

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There's an engine at the station and the whistle blows my name
It's callin' callin' callin' come and get aboard the train
My baby's gone and i'm alone to live in misery
I'm gonna call and make a reservation for me
gonna ride the blue train gonna ride a blue train
Gonna ride the blue train gonna ride a blue train
i'm gonna climb aboard and ride and until i learn to smile
I'll be knockin' out the blues while i'm knockin' out the miles

With my guitar beatin' rhythm to the click-clack of the wheels
I'm gonna sing the blues cause that's the way that i feel
gonna ride the blue train...
conductor go and tell the man to shovel on the coal
It doesn't seem as half as bad as long as i can roll
Give me another ticket and i'll stay and ride with you
There's nothing left to live for in the world we're rollin' through
gonna ride the blue train...

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