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Thaïs Té

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Date de parution : 04/12/2015

Durée : 0:03:45

Style : Alternative

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Hello sweet sadness hello dear old friend
Tell me what to do and where is the end
Tell me his address so i can go to him
And leave his heart like a mess
Hello madness
No time for regrets
I’ll be there watching you

And i could spend hours on rainy days
Looking at the window as the music plays
Going through the river where i know you were
Riding in the city as if i don’t care

Goodbye kindness and happy sunsets
So glad to hear you’re under arrest
No more secrets no longer the best
Seems that finally more is less

Long time no see
Long time no sense
See i’m feeling free and i dance.

Hello bitterness hello sweet sister
Beautiful mistress, passionate lover
Whisper that i waste more than i can spend
Say i got lost in this foreign land
Amazing embrace
You lost and you rest
Here in peace away from my hands

Does it really matter if my thoughts are blue?
I whenever i look away what i see is you
Does it really matter if i’m a fool too?
If everything i like is
If everyone i like is… blue

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