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Lily Ladylike

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Never saying hi, faking to be shy,
Never passing by, waiting for a sigh,
I miss the silence of the snow.

Never-ending cry, hidding in your eye,
Never meant to pry, fading out the crow,
We may not pass nor plan to go.

Blueland, blueland, blueland, blueland,

Oh why am i keeping this on ? tonight we’re all be gone.

Why would i have to hurry up until i see the sun ?
We’re having so much fun, instead of it i frown.
I’m all alone to carry this, remind me later on.

Gimme those keys and let me enter
Gimme those keys or i will die
Open my ears oh loving brothers
I’m on your knees and i’ll deny

Blueland, blueland, blueland, blueland,
I miss the time when we were all
In blueland, blueland, blueland, blueland,

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