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Peaches & Herb

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Date de parution : 27/08/2002

Durée : 0:04:16

Style : R&B/Soul

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Wear a smile, they say
But it faded when you went away
I tell myself, i got to be strong
Hold my head up high, can't push it all

But monday through sunday
I cannot have just one day
That i don't think of you
And i don't call myself bluer than blue

Listen baby, i wear a mask of pretense
When i party with my friends
And i've even told them all
That i've gotten over you

They being my friends pretend that it's true
But it's in my voice there's no way, nohow
If i had my choice, i wouldn't be with you right now
Ever since i've lost you, i've been bluer than blue

Bluer than blue, baby
Since i lost you
I'm like a robin without the wing
I can't fly and i won't sing

Like a romeo with no juliet
My whole world has been upset
Without you i'm bluer than blue
I'm bluer than blue

Anybody that's ever been in love
Those are feelings that i'm speaking of
And when you burn yourself walking the floor
Or waiting for a knock upon your door
You wait at night, you start to cry
Every thing's wrong, nothing's right

It's in your walk and it's in your talk
You try to fight the feeling
But the truth shows up
There's nothing you can do
When you're bluer than blue

So it's monday through sunday
I cannot find just one day
That i don't think of you
That i don't wake up blue
'cause without you i'm bluer than blue
Bluer than blue

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