Paroles de Blues for life

Buck Owens

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Date de parution : 12/09/1995

Durée : 0:02:2

Style : Country

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Well i just got over one case of the blues now i've got another one that i can't lose
The pain of bein' lonely cuts like a knife looks like i'm gonna have the blues for life
Yeah the sun comes up and the sun goes down
The mean old blues will keep on comin' around
Looks like they're movin' right in to stay i'm gonna be with 'em till my dyin' day
Well i'm up in the creek and i got no orr blues keep comin' round more and more
Don't know how it feels but it's been nice not to have to worry bout the blues for life
( steel - piano - fiddle )
Well the guy next door really got it made stays every day layin' in the shade
Got no troubles nor brief nor strife never has to worry bout the blues for life
Yeah the sun comes up...

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