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Prynce: yeah, o.f.f. prynce...falling dreams , iight..look- im the hottest in my city you better believe it. if theres a problem you have with me you better decease it. my mama and daddy abandoned me before i was 2 so.. my heart cold as fuck dont temp me dude. my cousin rawlo got murdered all over some drug shit so friends are people i dont socilaize with. i just want to accomplish my dream make sure granny eat cause she deserve millions all the shit i put her through ... you see i been through hell, but never been to jail but i did work that scale trying to find a way and if you interfere with that its gun play. i live on surf drive boy damn it aint safe my nigga jay got wet up a block a way.. tear drop from my eyes as i walk away man im out here nigga my young ass in the feild i went to west wood cementary me and jee put flowers on both my grandparents grave rest in peace i saw my last name on the grave i thought of me i got to make it out of here its not where i wanna be cause instead of making memories somebody can end me while im trying to make history blunts up if you feel me.
Prynce & t'bird: yeah

T'bird:blunts up if you feel me.. i woke up then i think god every fucking day you know i think god cause without him what will i be im just a young nigga fresh from the fucking streets got my family i got a little brother i had me a dad now i only have a mother my mother got a brother that nigga name prynce i met him in 6th grade it been my nigga since . o.f.f my team it really aint my team but a family and we make these nigga mad cause we super mean but i dont love to brag i love talking shits i gotta smell it bad and i got a bad bitch i like my bitches slim like a slime jim they know that im real and i like to chill but i dont got one hoe i can call my name half of these hoes round here so lame evrywhere i go bitches know my fucking name they looking at me at the door like t hane. t hane what you doing chilling with prynce we swagg on ten all these bitches grin yeah my team we win yall talking all that shit i will punch you in your chin and knock off your bitch

Tbird: yeah,blunts up if you feel me(x2) man these haters going to have to kill me cause every fucking day im just doing me. yeah,blunts up if you feel me(x2) man these haters going to have to kill me cause every fucking day im just doing me.