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Wretch 32

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Woah-oh-oh-ohhh (x2)

(hook x2)

Yeah it's been a blur
I've been throwing stone roses
Sipping on my oasis
Feeling like the verve
The drugs don't work
Only if you're fred durst

(verse 1: wretch 32)

Pocket half empty
But i'm living to the fullest
When i've had a shot
I think i can dodge bullets
If you wanna rock
Tell me you love the killers
I might give you a job
You'll be working on our business
Just call me lord sugar
The sweetest that you been with
I'll never fire you
You'd be too hot to extinguish
I deal with power moves
Checkmate, game finished
The trick is not to lose
That's the only way you're winning
I know i'll never give in, yeah
Cause i've survived mosh pits
With some super fly drop kicks
Only my chains swinging
I ain't into boxing, no
I dont bob and weave women


Yeah, yeah
Ain't it funny how your nightmares
Can turn into your dreams, yeah?
Yeah it's been a blur
And it happens so fast
That you just can believe it
Yeah it's been a blur


Yeah it's been a blur

I do it my way
I'm a little too heavy for you lightweights
I drink 'til my baby gets a migrane
And then my head starts to rumble
This is mind games, this is how my life stays
That's how i stay ahead of myself
My attitude stinks, i can smell it as well
If you always get love you know how federer felt
You can get around a waist
Just pretend you're a belt
And i ain't claiming to be free
For the past few months i've been raving every week
Started off a nightmare
Then it changed into a dream
Now i like my music loud
Can you turn it up for me?



Yeah it's been a blur


Yo, wretch, you ready?

Aw yeah


We don't want a panic at the disco
We just wanna live our life
But if you blink 182 then your life
Will just pass you by

Yeah, yeah



Yeah it's been a blur
Yeah it's been a blur

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