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I remember the night
Sitting in the dark
The battle was won
But lost my love

I left the light side
Chosen the dark
Sworn another solemn
At fullmoon i bark

Walking through the centuries
A pathless path
Symphonic bloodlust
On this funeral march

My innerself
Is drifting in a red sea
Bizarre and sweet

Awaiting the next vein
Possessed by essential desire
Damned and addicted to survive
This form of life

I'm searching for her
The love i lost
I'm searching for her
Taking away the frost

But too many years are gone
My mind like ice
You are my beauty

With my servants
I enter the air
Diving down to the mortals
Let them join the eternal form of life.

Stpin de obscuritate,
Fantoma nucturna
Dragostea inseamn viat vesnic,
Care o obtinem numai prin moarte

"yes, but i will never die!!!"

B.l.u.t. - you are my beauty till i reach eternal peace!

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