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Obie Trice

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Date de parution : 02/04/2012

Durée : 0:03:26

Style : Hip Hop/Rap

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(6 seconds instrumental)

Uh-uh, uh... uhhh!

Nigga, we up; - we don't give a fuck!
We gon' keep holdin' this shit dooowwn!
This nigga raise up, - you can get bucked. (echoes) (shot) - gangstas a-roouund!
Got the world in a flux - all on the nuts!
You can't stop us noooow! (this where the riders at!)
Till we posted up somewhere beneath the groouund!

(verse 1:)
Bme! - trust the truth's in the booth!
He don't take a hit to let 'em know i'm bulletproof.
Rest in peace, proof! this is no truce!
This is - hood music brought directly to you.
Mac-11 in the chevy with a nigga or two;
Ready for whatever, we cuckoo, - loose screw.
Used to bungalows, juicin' up fiends
Just to ride 'round in the new school.
Come from - basehead rentals. - same faces, no dental!
Claimin' they gon' pay incidentals.
Give a fiend a break, he see god all in ya!
Then he run game 'til your change all minimal.
Pinnin' them predicaments - to live that life;
I been spendin' benjamins since the early '90s! (90's!)
Now bme is where a nigga can find me,
Still on the grind, nigga still gettin' mine!


(verse 2:)
Niggaz, - i done been around the world and back.
Ask about trice! - ain't shit fuckin' with that!
Bme said: "get 'em! " obie did exact,
Straight from the trap to the muhfuckin' map.
Young nigga - star, - do this - car;
Louis, - where a nigga murder a track!
Hurdle over snares and claps
So verbal. - had to dumb it down so your ears adapt!
Now it's "money in the bank", lil' scrap's pappy.
'preme in the tank, ain't a vehic' could pass me!
Ask bme how a nigga from 'craft be,
Nasty, - k covered up in the back seat.
Any melee comin' at me, - death day!
Pastor be speakin' to your "fam-lay"!
G-shit! - i'm a rap 'til my sun set,
'cept sun's up. - bme, what?!


(verse 3:)
Nigga, i don't slip; handle 'em. - rap's rip hamilton!
All in his mansion - gamblin'
All's i'm tryna do is match 'em. - rappin'!
Get a couple chicks, i'm ramblin'. - stab 'em!
Take 'em to the crib where it's magnum, - madness
Mashin' - ass - as if - you ain't know the half.
It's bme, that's the muh'fuckin staff!
Now i represent on they behalf. - yes! (acapella)

(chorus) (beat stops)

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