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Jimmy Buffett

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Date de parution : 10/10/1988

Durée : 0:02:4

Style : Rock

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Boat drinks
Boys in the band ordered boat drinks
Visitors scored on the home rink
Everything seems to be wrong

Lately, newspaper mentioned cheap air fare
I gotta to fly to saint somewhere
I'm close to bodily harm

Twenty degrees and the hockey game's on
Nobody cares they are way too far gone
Screamin', "boat drinks", something to keep 'em all warm

This mornin', i shot six holes in my freezer
I think i got cabin fever
Somebody sound the alarm

I'd like to go where the pace of life's slow
Could you beam me somewhere mr. scott?
Any ol' place here on earth or in space
You pick the century and i'll pick the spot

Oh, i know
I should be leaving this climate
I got a verse but can't rhyme it
I gotta go where it's warm

Boat drinks
Waitress i need two more boat drinks
Then i'm headin' south for my dream shrinks

I gotta go where it's warm
I gotta go where it's warm
I gotta go where it's warm

I gotta go where there ain't any snow
Where there ain't any blow
'cause my fin sinks so low
I gotta go where it's warm

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