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Date de parution : 07/05/2013

Durée : 0:06:28

Style : Rock

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Bob dylan
Refr : hey bob - sing me a song
Sing me a song about time
Times they are achanging
Jingling jangling fast as rolling stones
* uplifts and downfalls
Are knocking on heavens door
My questions are blowing in the wind
And the crinkle crankle morning
Is dancing through my bones
* hey bob - sing me a song
Sing me a song about time

Rockn roll and flower power people
Inaugurated an era
With the power of music as a revolution
* you were there from the start
Became a spokesman for a new generation
* are you just a lucky guy
Who was in the right place at the right time
Or are you a piece in the puzzle
Of mankind

Do you believe in coincidences
Or do you believe in reasons
Do you believe youre a brick in the wall
* still the world needs dreamers
Still the world needs vanguards
Masters of peace
* its too many warriors
Who disappear into the shadows
Its a time for sitting in the sofa
And its a time for going out
In the streets

Everything is based on once upon a time
And its weeds everywhere
Someone has to point it out and tell
* thanks for what youve done
Your help to increase awareness
And to look for why
* peace is not an illusion
Even if its difficult
At times
And love is the guide when we look

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