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The Roches

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Date de parution : 23/08/1988

Durée : 0:03:17

Style : Pop

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Think he's got a crush on me
I saw the whole scene
What makes you think
He's got a crush on you?

'cause he played his song for me
I was sitting there too
What makes you think
He played those songs for you?

If his girlfriend wasn't there
He would have been free
To make it known that
He's in love with me

He was in a plane crash
He plays the clarinet
He's trying to stop drinking
But his girlfriend hasn't left him yet

Did you see the way he gazed at me
In between the notes he played?
It's stupid to believe in stuff
That happens on a stage

Think you must be very drunk
You're seeing double
Sober up or you're in big trouble

But, did you see?

Bet he calls me up this week
When you weren't looking
I slipped him my number
And then, we kissed

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