Paroles de Body count

Funker Vogt

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Date de parution : 13/02/2000

Durée : 0:06:35

Style : Electronic

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The body count will be massive
Much worse than oklahoma
Hard times for the experts
Messes like this mean lots of work

Burnt beyond recognition
Ids they get from dna
And everybody will still wonder
How we ever let it happen

A car filled with explosives
Made its final fucking run
Splitting crowds in mere seconds
Like moses once split the red sea

Just moments later an explosion
Even brighter than the sun
They hadn't time to realize
What was going on

We just got another lesson
How illusory safety is
This was an opportunity
Just too good to miss
We have been gutted like a fish
In a moment of poor attention
Now we are responsible
For our own suspension

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