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A geyser of blood will spray, cascade, bleeding from the face (x2)
Will my blade convey, malay, chaos (x2)

This is what we have become
This onslaught has begun
This war is now our own
This is what we will call home (x2)
Fuck it
We call it our home

Defend with bloodshed
With bloodshed

You never leave me alone
One more time
Now ill leave you alone
Cause baby,
I want to tear you, apart, and be the maggot,
And i, want to taste you, from the inside, alive

I want to taste your fucking heart
Tear the flesh and bones off virgin prey
Beg for death as its near, i will love your blood flood
Paint the walls red with my gore party
And eat the flesh
So go into the pile of the mutilated, too late bitch
I will cut inside you with a smile cause its kill kill kill


Kill fucking kill

Kill kill kill

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