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Date de parution : 22/11/2011

Durée : 0:03:25

Style : Rock

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You've got a thing about being lame you think you'll
Show us all your handicap is great you've got a thing
About being lost you think with our concern you'll
Find yourself and you'll never be forgotten your
Family never wanted this one with all of her flaws
She's trailing far behind she's feeling incomplete she
Has no will to win listening i live inside your room
And you punish me as though i punish you dumb
Before it's done i am saint will you tell me now i
Never could relate to how you've been forgotten your
Family never wanted this one with all of her flaws but
I wanna know was this deprivation of money or of
Love (pre-chorus) this is the last time you will be
Denied girl you want that world that they took away
Go pick up the pieces find inner strenght 'cause i
Can't save you find the life you left in a box the world
You said has cut you off (chorus) bombs await you
Bombs away now let them all fall down you carry the
Burden it fills you with regret you never finished that
Feeling incomplete you carry their baggage the guilt
That holds you down (repeat pre-chorus) (repeat
Chorus) bombs away now 'cause life's been so hard
And so long that's why i'm writing you this song

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