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Corbin & Hanner

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Baby i know that you're sinkin' low honey i know how you feel
Well i'm coming to you got my heart on my sleeve
And my hands hard upon the wheel
And we'll go out tonight under the quarter moon dance these worries away
Let the good times roll ease your troubled soul
Laissez les bon ton roulette oh laissez les bon ton roulette

Baby don't say that you're staying home i know i can make you feel fine
I got money honey darlin' come on put your sweet little hand in mine
And we'll go out tonight...

Babe you know we can take it slow promenade down the veiux carre
Oh mon cher don't you know i care and i swear my heart won't stray
Hey we'll go out tonight...
( accordion )
Babe you know we can take it slow...
We'll go out tonight...

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