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The White Stripes

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Date de parution : 18/06/2007

Durée : 0:03:14

Style : Rock

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Look closer and you can see
How i been running it.
Got a dollar bill in the cockpit.
Surprised being white is a black hole?
I got another job at the liquor store.
Damn, i’m bone broke.

They got a white pony in a stable
And ride him when the doggie isn't able.
But he don't really care, ‘cause they pay him.
But still a black suit
Is gonna shake him down.
Oh well
I’m bone broke
Broke as i'll ever be.

Looking another way girl, i'm telling ya
God gave 7 minutes right to ya.

And your mother put her money into platinum
So that you wouldn’t have to pay

I’m leaning on a brick with my nails,
I’m telling ‘em the money’s in the mail.
Keep showing that my bones
Never fake it
But the brick bank is gonna break it down.
Oh well
I'm bone broke

Look another way girl i’m telling ya
God gave seven minutes right to ya.
Your mother put her money into platinum
And now you never have to pay
Do you?

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