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Male Bonding

pochette album Bones
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Date de parution : 26/08/2011

Durée : 0:06:25

Style : Alternative

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Feelings left inside
Won't get out alive

You feel like
I feel like you spoke in my mind
You can't understand
My feelings
Shall i do
But all i kept waiting for
Waiting for you
Your friends last night
I won't be alive

You find out
I find out
Every night

Forget those dreams
And no one has to see
Just memories turning
And burning inside

Chorus 2x
Truth will flash and flood before
To side
To wait no more
You'll see time
You'll see in time

I will be defined
Defined in forever
I can be your feelings and keep you together
I will be around and see you in december

I can't even feel like it
And i won't even feel like it

Be careful of what you dream about
Let's not always wait things out
Not always wait things out

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