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A fine wee lass, a bonnie wee lass,
Is bonnie wee jeannie mccoll;
I gave her my mother's engagement ring
And a bonnie wee tartan shawl.
I met her at a waddin'
In the co-operative hall
I wis the best man
And she was the belle of the ball.

The very first nicht i met her,
She was awfy, awfy shy,
The rain cam' pourin' doon,
But she was happy, so was i.
We ran like mad for shelter,

An' we landed up a stair,
The rain cam' poorin' oot o' ma breeks,
But och i didna care:
For she's chorus

Noo i've wad my jeannie,
An' bairnies we have three,
Two dochters and a braw wee lad,
That sits upon my knee.
They're richt wee holy terrors,
An' they're never still for lang,
But they sit an' listen every nicht,
While i sing to them this sang:
Oh it's chorus

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