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Frank Wildhorn

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I start thinkin' 'bout my bonnie
From the minute i wake up
And that feelin' is the best i ever had
She is in my shavin' mirror
She is in my coffe cup
I must be in love or else i'm goin' mad.

I would like to write to bonnie
Tell the girl the way i feel
But i'm better with a car than with a pen
Used to be i'm only happy when i'm set behind a wheel
Now i don't care if i ever drive again.

That girl's got somethin'
Nothing scares her.
Only piece of luck that's ever come my way.
Can't wait to tell her
How much i've missed her.
Feelin' sorry for james cagney
'cause he's never kissed her.

I start dreamin' 'bout my bonnie
Just as soon as i'm asleep.
They're the kind of dreams that keep you in your bed
I am makin' love to bonnie
And that sure beats countin' sheep.
Got a feelin' there are good times up ahead

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