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House Of Fools

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I saw a familiar face,
It hit me in such a strange way,
But i knew him,
And in his eyes,
A thousand lies,
That's when he pulled out his gun,
Before anybody could run, he shot them
He fired with pride, with me by his side
That's when i watched it all go down
All the bodies falling to the ground
If i could stop him, you know i would
If i only could
That's when i started to run,
He reached out and handed me his gun
I pointed it at him,
And there he stared,
Strong and prepared,
To die,
The first one entered his chest,
It also confirmed me me to confess..
So that's what i did..
And as he died, a thousand cried, only thinking i was right..
The oldest pushed out of sight,
They all screamed,
What did you do?
We're blaming you..
We're blaming you..
We're blaming you..

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