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Is there really a god?
We could really use
A miracle right now
My secrets can't confide
Given away
As soon as i can

And no
I'm really not that scared
I deserve what i get
Even though i'm not prepared
I will conquer this

Protecting you
Protecting your uselessness and i know
You really did try
They're coming for me tonight
Now i'll greet them at the door with a smile
Invite them in to take me away

And it's all
Just a bad dream
A nightmare if
You will leave your light on
So that i know you're home

And i've got somewhere, some direction to run to
And i don't care
How much this hurts
I'm prepared for the worst

And i've got my friends to back me up
I'm really not scared
I'll get back to you
Is this what you want?
It's what you wanted to see
Is my pain not enough for your agony?
We've got secrets
We can't keep them all

They run
They hide
Leaving me and you behind to find more
This is what they're waitin' for
This is our chance
Come with me
Wake up

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